Controlling Excessive Underarm Sweating With Simple but Effective Home Remedies


If you are tired of sweat dripping from the armpits then this article may be of help to you. By following some simple steps you can control excessive underarm sweating and improve your day to day life. A word of caution here – these steps will only make life easier but may not offer a permanent solution to the problem of excessive armpit sweating. If you want a permanent solution to this problem then you may have to use one of advanced techniques like iontophoresis or botox injections or surgery or a natural natural holistic cure .

Here are some simple tips for getting temporary relief from excessive underarm sweating:

1) If you like tomatoes then you can easily benefit by drinking tomato juice. Buy fresh tomatoes everyday and make some fresh juice. Add a pinch of sea salt to the juice and drink it couple of times a day. Don’t go for any of the canned products because they have chemicals and preservative. Another way to consume tomato would be to make soup and have it regularly. If you include tomatoes to your daily diet soon you may be able to control excessive underarm sweating.

2) Another home remedy that can be used for controlling armpit perspiration is corn starch paste. You may not be able to travel or move out of home when you have applied corn starch to the armpits. It is best to use this method first thing in the morning and repeat the process before you go to bed. To get best results you will have to follow this method regularly with patience.

3) A mix made by combining pure honey with vinegar works very well for controlling excessive underarm sweating. Buy good quality honey and apple cider vinegar for this purpose. You should consume this mix 2-3 times a day to get best results.

Always remember that not all home remedies will work for each and every person. So be patient and try out a few options. There are several other sites on the internet that offer more tips on home remedies.

In the recent past some natural remedies for excessive sweating have yielded good results. These remedies are normally inexpensive and can be done at your home once you know the steps. Before you decide to go for a surgery it is recommended to take a look at this treatment also. To know more you can visit –

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