7 Effective Tips To Grow Taller, Increase Height And Look Taller


Did you know that you can grow taller and increase height by following some simple but effective lifestyle changes and diet? Lack of discipline and a sedentary lifestyle can act as growth inhibitor and prevent you from gaining height. Many people remain short or of average height only due to lack of information and education on this subject. The purpose of this article is to provide you those vital tips that help you spiral like a tower and look taller.

Here are the golden tips to grow taller and increase height:

1) Organic is the way to go. Try and have natural organic food as much as possible and avoid synthetic food, fast food and processed food. Maintain a good balance of all type of foods – proteins, carbohydrates, fiber and fats.

2) Try and follow a routine or schedule for various activities. This includes lunch, dinner, work, sports, studies, exercises and various other activities. Following a schedule and being methodical will help you to grow taller naturally at a steady pace.

3) Try and maintain your body weight according to your height. You see excess weight puts pressure on bone and muscles. Excess pressure will cause compression of bones. If you are obese or overweight then you need to reduce. Also if you have excess weight you may not look taller.

4) Exercise regularly so that your bones and muscles are flexible. Make sure you do a mix of resistance training, stretching exercises and posture correction exercises. Posture correction and stretching exercises alone can add a few inches to your height, thereby helping you to grow taller and increase height.

5) Your body also requires key vitamins and minerals for growth. It may be a good idea to consult a doctor and have multivitamin and calcium supplements so that there is no shortage of these.

6) Did you know that your body grows the most when you rest? It is important you sleep for 8-9 hours everyday so that you increase height and look taller.

7) Keep away from drugs and antibiotics as much as possible. These can act as growth inhibitors and prevent you from growing taller and increase height.

Following these golden rules will sure help you to grow taller and look taller. Want more information? visit – how i grow taller